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Adel’s Falafel Plate Is Good, But Has Some Flaws

A couple of weeks ago, one of our Profiled Lunch’ers mentioned her love of a falafel plate (with extra white sauce) from Adel’s Halal cart at Maiden Lane & Front St. Lo and behold, we’ve never written about the cart’s falafel, only gave it a shout out in a review of their lamb/chicken over rice. There’s always a line in front of the cart which isn’t too common at halal carts in the Financial District unless you’re Sam’s Falafel or Alan’s Falafel - both of which put out great food, so it would make sense that if there’s also a line at Adel’s there must be a reason. Read more »

Adel’s is Another Downtown Street Meat Gem

Adel's 008
A few weeks ago, I announced a continuing mission of mine while writing for this site: to find the best street meat downtown.  This week, the journey continues.  But first, I want to thank everyone who posted street meat recommendations last time around.  With the launch of this new site, the focus is going to be all on you Downtowners and great new places for you to eat.  As much as I feel I have to share with you, I know I’m gonna miss more spots than I nail.  So please, if at any time in my tenure here you’ve got an awesome place you think people should know about, just shout it out. Let me know what you’re thinking and I’ll do my best to get it done.

With that being said, on the sage advice of one chris6sigma, I took the fight back to the streets this week and went to check out Adel’s located on the corner of Maiden Lane and Front Street.

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