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Downtown Links (The “Barbarini 2.0″ Edition)

deli buffet

Light on the carbs and breaded meats! Via SENY.

Quality Biryani Serves A Juicy Version Of Chicken Tikka

Halal carts also dabbling in Indian food have sprouted up all over the Financial District (OK, mostly in the northern part of the neighborhood), bringing us kati rolls and biryani alongside the usual lamb/chicken/falafel trinity.

I spotted a new entrant called Quality Biryani on Water St. at John last week and decided to stop by for lunch. A sign taped to the street side of the cart advertises that they have Bangladeshi food, likely vying for the business of cab drivers.

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Cocina Mexicana Adds To Variety Of Liberty & Nassau Carts

mex cart
It’s been awhile since something new has been added to the cart lineup at Broadway and Liberty St., or the newly relocated ones at Nassau & Liberty.

Yesterday, I spotted a new one next to Luckyim Thai, called Cocina Mexicana. They have the mostly standard lineup of tortas, burritos, tamales, quesadillas and guacamole and chips, ranging in price from $3 to $7 for the more substantial items. The menu is a bit shorter than a couple of the Mexican food trucks that park in the Financial District, but that’s to be expected as they have less space to work with.

You can expect a report soon, but if you’ve already checked out Cocina Mexicana, leave a comment about what you thought of the food.

Dirty Bird’s Chicken Fingers: An Adult Version Of A Childhood Classic

dirty bird outside
When I was a wee Lunch’er, my go-to order when eating out was chicken fingers accompanied by some sort of potato product. I would not say I was an aficionado, but did definitely favor the higher meat to breading ration than you find at somewhere like McDonald’s.

It occurred to me the other day that I had yet to check out the version at Dirty Bird To Go on Chambers St. (btw. W. Broadway & Greenwich). When I went on opening day, the fingers weren’t ready yet so I instead tried the delicious bone-in fried chicken. I had high hopes for these organic, fancy pant chicken fingers and they did not disappoint.

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Plaza Deli Tries Its Hand At Bibimbap, Ramen

The Plaza Deli at John St. & Pearl pretty much screams “I’m a generic deli!” when you walk by. I noticed, however, that they’re making attempts at serving more types of food than sandwiches, soup and things off a steam table.

According to two different sandwich boards leaning outside, they are selling bibimbap and “ramyun” aka ramen. I’m sure neither item is mind blowing, but hey, at least they’re trying!

Halal Gyro Express Cart Is Back In Action!

Maybe I was the only one alarmed with an imposter halal cart started parking at William St. & Maiden Lane where Halal Gyro Express has parked for some time.

Yesterday, I walked by and they were back! Rest easy everyone, you can get your bargain lamb chops and other Afghani delights again.

The Smorgasburg Vendors Are The Best New Lunch Option In The FiDi

seaport vendors

The South Street Seaport has never been particularly hip, unless you consider clipper ships the hot new thing. There were some reliable lunch spots there though that have been sorely missed since hurricane Sandy decimated the area. A few places that were on higher ground have reopened, but the area is still largely a work in progress.

The other day I had some extra time on my hands and headed over. The lure was the 10 Smorgasburg vendors that have set up stands on Front St.through October, alongside a bar in a shipping container.  Read more »