Lunch’er Deep Reports: Shorty’s Makes A Good First Impression


If you’re not sick of big, meaty sandwiches for lunch, then you may like to know that Shorty’s opened its shop selling Philly cheesesteaks among other things on Pearl St. between Coenties Slip & Broad earlier this week. This is another branch of the purveyor’s shop and bar in Midtown, and they also have a food truck that I’ve somehow never managed to eat at. I’m not going to lie – sometimes I can’t handle the food coma in a bun that is a cheesesteak for lunch.

Frequent commenter and tipster dbdtron did the dirty work…er, eating on opening day and wrote in with a short and sweet take on what he got from the downstairs takeout portion of the place. Find out what he has to say, straight ahead! 

Deep’s take: 

“Quick service / to go is downstairs–ordered a roast pork and cheese (*provolone/au jus). Roll is soft, pork is chopped and has rosemary  and garlic flavor. The pic above is half (I ate quick!). $10 for the sandwich, which was not bad for the quality and size. I will go again. Side note, they have breakfast sandwiches (!) for $5, which sounds waaay better than the Lenny’s I subjected myself to this morning. Scrapple? Maybe. Pork roll? DEFINITELY.

He also notes that the upstairs looks like a nice place to hang out after work, with many beers available and a lot of seating. And a bonus take and update on some other spots affected by hurricane Sandy.

It’s nice to see Fika and this opening within a few weeks of each other–especially with Zigs [Zigolini's] still in never never land. Also, I saw work being done on the long-festering Dough Re Mi–looks like it’s being cleaned up for opening soon.

If any of the rest of you have eaten at Shorty’s this week, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. After a couple of vegan lunch spots opening up, it looks like the universe is balancing things out in the Financial District.

Shorty’s Philly Steaks and Sandwiches, 62 Pearl St. (btw. Coenties & Broad), (212) 480-3900, on the Web.




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    I haven’t eaten at THIS shorty’s, but I order from the midtown location at times. Too unhealthy to order frequently.

    IMO, shorty’s offers the best cheesesteaks in NYC.

    Their pork sandwich with broccoli rabe and provolone isn’t bad, but the au jus is often very salty. If you do order it, pay extra for the “sharp” provolone.

  • As an update to the updates–There’s signage on Zigolini’s telling us they are coming soon. And the permanent signage looks like the corner restaurant will be a “Bar and Grill.”

    No comment on that, but at least we are partially revived!

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