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Zigolini’s Reopens, With New Mexican Offshoot Guac Star


If the lines going out the door yesterday were any indication, you all were happy that Zigolini’s is open once again at Pearl St. & Coenties Slip. The grand opening came seven months after heavy damage from hurricane Sandy closed the doors of the popular deli and hot food lunch shop, and the sit down space next door. But wait, there’s more!

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Post-Hurricane Zigolini’s Will Add Mexican Food To Lineup

The windows continue to be papered up at Zigolini’s, the popular lunch spot at Pearl St. and Coenties Slip that was heavily damaged by hurricane Sandy.

Zigolini’s and Obao next door are some of the only restaurants in that area not yet reopened, but it looks like work is going ahead on the former, judging by signs in the window. The deli sandwiches and salads will remain, while the space next door that used to be for ordering burgers and other hot items is turning into a place called Guacstar, selling Mexican food and margaritas. The corner space will be a bar and grill.

There’s no word on the signs when the reopening will happen, but it’s nice to see that Zigolini’s didn’t simply abandon ship since they have some consistently good lunch options.

Break The $10 Limit Just For Zigolini’s Garlic Parm Fries

The lunchtime juggernaut that is Zigolini’s on Pearl St. (at Coenties Slip) is one of the few places that I will go to knowing that I will have to stand in a line snaking out the door because I know that the food is generally worth it. I’ve reviewed the pasta, but they also make a mean Italian sandwich and I’d heard good things about the burger. Since the basic model is exactly $10 and comes with fries, I was sold, but in the end I broke the ML Downtown budget. Why? I blame the garlic parmesan fries.

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Mexican Food Cart El Gringo Opening Outside Zigolini’s

At times I stumble across things that at first confuse me, and then I just try not to think too hard about them. Take for instance this Mexican food cart called El Gringo that’s coming soon outside of Zigolini’s at Water St. (at Coenties Slip) – a  source of delicious pasta and burgers. I was checking on the progress of the Rhong Tiam Express (of which there seems little) going in next to Zigolini’s and instead found this cart. If anyone who works nearby sees it’s up and running let the rest of us know since good Mexican is fairly non-existent in that area.

Pasta From Zigolini’s Is Pricey But Delicious

I’ve been meaning to get down to Zigolini’s on Pearl (at Coenties Slip) for a while now, but mostly the heat has prevented me from wanting a hot, carb-filled lunch. Then one day a lunchtime craving for pasta hit, and after dismissing the Ravioli Fair cart and a couple of other nearby options, I decided to hoof it down there to see theirs was any good. Lunch’er boomshanka had long ago suggested the eggplant parm from there as a go-to lunch, but once I saw the line for sandwiches, I was even more dead set on getting pasta from the much shorter line next door. The to-go portion of the restaurant in split into two separate rooms, so make sure you’re in the correct line so you don’t wait forever and then realize you’re about to get a sandwich instead of a burger or pasta. What pasta creation did I end up with? Find out after the jump.

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