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First Look: Watch Your Burrito Ingredients And You’ll Be OK At Guac Star


It was a bit surprising to see that Zigolini’s at Pearl St. & Coenties Slip was planning to add a Mexican component to its solid lineup of Italian-tinged lunch offerings. The place is called Guac Star, and it opened alongside the  sit down bar and restaurant and the takeaway deli portions of Zigolini’s that had been closed for seven months after being heavily damaged by water during hurricane Sandy.

We’ve all been to those generic delis that sell pizza alongside burritos and sushi, so I was a bit hesitant to try Mexican food made by a place with an Italian name. Thankfully, they don’t try fusion here, and I came away impressed with the burrito I tried, even though it ended up breaking the $10 barrier (oops).

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Zigolini’s Reopens, With New Mexican Offshoot Guac Star


If the lines going out the door yesterday were any indication, you all were happy that Zigolini’s is open once again at Pearl St. & Coenties Slip. The grand opening came seven months after heavy damage from hurricane Sandy closed the doors of the popular deli and hot food lunch shop, and the sit down space next door. But wait, there’s more!

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