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Kati House is Gone Forever; Moldy Stuff Up For Sale

Talk about a punch in the gut, but for the right reasons – stopping by the recently-closed Kati House, the landlord was checking the locks. I took the opportunity to ask a few questions, and a litany of complaints, problems, and gross stuff came out of the chat. Bottom line: Midtown is now back to Kati Roll Company for its kati roll fix. Unfortunately, these were nothing new to the location. More info under the jump.
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Kati House Has Been Closed for Alcohol Violations

That sure didn’t take long, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer place. Kati House (on 36th btw. 8+9th), which opened last month and seems to have become my boss’ favorite food spot, apparently got a visit from the NYPD last week. Said boss was by them and found the sign, and those bright pieces of paper are closure orders and NYPD notices galore. The bright orange one says it all: ABC Violation. Looks like they got hit with the 9th Ave serve-the-underage-itis! We’ll keep everyone posted, but it looks like it’s back to Kati Roll Company for those who want ‘em.

The Kati House is In the Midtown Southwest House

Midtown loves its kati rolls. Amongst Indian food, few other dishes than the stalwart samosa, popular pakora, and killer kati rolls stand in the street-food pantheon. These things are the best eat-and-walk chow you can get on the subcontinent, I assert. Problem is, the southern chunk of midtown has been fairly kati roll-free. Serendipitously, Seamless’ “hey guys, look what’s new!” blast came out the other day showing a new spot that we hadn’t yet heard of: The Kati House (on 36th btw. 8+9th). On an otherwise unremarkable block housing an NYPD motor pool and generic dragon Chinese, could this be an addition to the hole-in-the-wall Indo-Pakistani in the area?
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