Kati House is Gone Forever; Moldy Stuff Up For Sale

Talk about a punch in the gut, but for the right reasons – stopping by the recently-closed Kati House, the landlord was checking the locks. I took the opportunity to ask a few questions, and a litany of complaints, problems, and gross stuff came out of the chat. Bottom line: Midtown is now back to Kati Roll Company for its kati roll fix. Unfortunately, these were nothing new to the location. More info under the jump.

Formerly Best Burger, the restaurant’s ownership was previously DoHed more than once, but apparently they are no longer in the DoH search database under that name. Under that name they had a bunch of violations, but the DoH record under Kati House wasn’t great. Evidence of mice was the big hit, but the real drama started at the closure.

Kati House’s ABC violations rotated around:
-Serving alcohol to minors
-Improper alcohol storage
-Operating after hours without a bar license

When the police and marshals closed it down, the DoH wanted to come back and take a look. Still powered on at time of inspection, the fridges were way too warm and mold was found within some foods. As in it was apparently stirred into ingredients. The gauges? Not functional. Ewww.

The smell of the place was palpable; technically, the contents are property of the owners but they’ve been far enough behind on the rent in the past that the landlord wants to sell everything. Once the stink is gone, of course.

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