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La Montanita’s Tortas and Plates: Best Value on the Block?

I was really pleased with La Montanita a couple of months ago when I had four pretty damn tasty tacos for $10. On a beautiful day, it’s worth the walk to this humble but delicious cart, whose hidden-in-plain-sight status seems to have benefited with a little bit of expansion. They’re now offering some nifty looking daily specials!
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The NY Times Coffee Place Cart Makes a Great Carnitas Taco

We here at Midtown Lunch love nothing more than good stuff hidden in plain sight. Korean food hidden within a generic deli? Boom. Roaming nameless empanadas? Right on. Really good Indian food in the lobby of a building full of people who complain at how great they have it? Do they ever! But tacos and tortas from an ubiquitous coffee cart? That’s a new one here. A good solid rock-hurling away from the tasty tortas at Rinconcito Mexicano, the Coffee Place Cart outside the New York Times building (40th and 8th) got flagged by Food in Mouth as serving up some good tacos and tortas. But does it measure up to a proper MLification?

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