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Secret Indian Bodega Buffet Closed Because of Smell Complaints

Just less than a couple of weeks after we ate at the Secret Indian Bodega Buffet at 420 5th Avenue, we’re sad to learn that the buffet CLOSED indefinitely this past Monday. According to the bodega owner, enough people in the building had complained to the building manager that the smell of the buffet was affecting the WHOLE building. As a result, the building manager asked the bodega owner to stop serving the food.

The bodega owner said that he hoped that the buffet would be back in two to three weeks, but he wasn’t really sure. In the mean time, the bodega is still open for business, minus the buffet. Employees of 420 5th Avenue, is it really that bad? Maybe those of us lunchers who like the smell should tell the building manager just how much we loved the buffet and hopefully it’ll make its return!

There’s a Secret Indian Bodega Buffet at 420 5th Avenue!

I’ve always envied people who have a little candy or soda convenience shop in their office building to supply their 4pm chocolate pangs. But, to have an Indian lunch buffet in this same snack store? Now THAT’S taking it to a whole new level. As you enter 420 5th Avenue on the 38th Street side, there’s no indication whatsoever that such a place exists. It felt almost as if I was searching for a speakeasy Indian buffet, but thanks to a tip from Midtown Lunch’er Kimberlee, we turned the corner and there, in plain sight, was the lobby bodega, which is accessible to the general public (not just lucky employees of this building).

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