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Remnants of Spring Dumplings For Sale

In the spirit of the apocryphal “for sale: baby shoes, never worn” sad story, Lunch’er “Elise” has tipped us off to a Craigslist post of the entire contents of Spring Dumplings, enjoyed by many with great potential but forced out before their time. In addition to 130-year old reclaimed wood furnishings, there’s tons of restaurant supplies and fixtures if you wanted, say, a six-burner range or food holding wells. Cash only – check out the details if you want to bottom-feed off of a failed restaurant get some bargains.

Spring Dumplings To Close After Today

The Midtown restaurant scene is always a capricious mistress, and sometimes that capriciousness comes to the surface. Spring (on 38th btw. 5+6th), which just opened in November with a nifty space for dumplings and northern Chinese fare, is being forced to vacate their space and close. Today is their last day, with dinner being a private event, so if you want to get some dumplings for lunch without having to trek to Chinatown or giving in to Rickshaw, today is your last chance to do so at Spring. The owners hope to be back to the area in the future.

Newly Open “Spring” Brings More Dumplings to Midtown

Dumplings, man. Dumplings. Jiaozi, baozi, howzi doing. I love ‘em. It’s hard not to. They’re one of the wonderful bits of food engineering that predate molecular gastronomy and don’t involve uber-salting/pickling/preserving as a miracle of pre-refrigerated goodness. I could down ‘em for entire meals. The major Midtown draw has been the heavily-contentious Rickshaw Dumplings truck and stand, with the occasional decent draw of xiao long bao or steamed fluffy buns at other Chinese-centric locations. You can get ‘em at Tabata. Now, though, you can get your dumplings in a hip space to hang out and have some coffee with your potstickers. Spring, which opened just this past Monday, answers the unasked question of “When can I be a dumpling hipster without venturing into the Cyclopean horror city that is Williamsburg?”

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