Avoid the Burn at Joe’s Shanghai: Jamie Teaches Me How To Consume Soup Dumplings Safely

Joe's Shanghai pork soup buns

I just fell for the $6.50 xiao long bao (aka pork steamed soup dumplings) at Joe’s Shanghai (on 56th btw. 5+6th) so it was kind of an exciting coincidence to see that our ML: Philly correspondent Jamie made a fun, quick video on how to eat the juicy suckers without burning your mouth. Jamie’s bite-slurp-eat method is the standard way to attack xiao long bao, but I like to think there are no rules. My half bite mess is after the jump…

Joe's Shanghai pork soup bun bite

At Joe’s, you get six soup buns the size of hacky sacks and each one’s loaded with soup and meat. If you didn’t already know – they’re as comforting as hot soup on a sick day, but more filling and a decent bang-for-the-buck. I can’t wait to test her excellent technique on the soupy pouches of pork next time I’m at Joe’s, but let us know if there are any other good soup dumplings in Midtown!

Joe’s Shanghai, 24 W 56th St (btw 5th+6th Ave), 212-333-3868

Avoid the Burn: My Video on Consuming Soup Dumplings Safely


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