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“Healthy” Lunch Options Invade Midtown East

Three new spots have opened on the east side that are most definitely not what I consider to be Midtown Lunch material… but I won’t discriminate. Just because I’m a fat bastard doesn’t mean you all have to be. (Plus it’s Earth Day, right?)

Green Room

The Green Room Cafe (on Lex and 45th) opened this past week- and it turns out it’s not a health club cafe from Singapore, but a total Pret rip off playing up how fresh and organic their lunch stuff is.  The free sample (and make no mistake about it, I will never turn down free samples) of tuna sandwich I tried tasted like every tuna sandwich on wheat bread I’ve ever had. Thanks but no thanks.


The second place, Recharge (on Lex btw. 39+40th), has probably been open for awhile now, but I hadn’t walked by in a long while.  I made fun of their menu back before they had opened… but nothing could have prepared me for the scene inside this Pump Energy Food/Energy Kitchen wannabe.

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