Vitamin Shoppe Being Replaced by a Cafe from Singapore?

Lunch’er Larry sends along this photo and report: “I just noticed on the NE corner of 45th & Lex, which used to be a Vitamin Shoppe, there’s a sign in the window for a ‘Green Room Cafe on Lex’.” Just another generic Midtown deli? Or perhaps it’s a U.S. outpost of the healthy cafes run by Aramsa Spa in Singapore. Either way it’s pretty meh news, but I’m betting on generic deli… besides, the last Singapore company to open a chain in Midtown didn’t fare so well.


  • i wish they would replace it with a taco bell…YEAH I SAID IT!

  • After the debacle of Sakea Sushi, the only way a Singapore Spa cafe will do well is if they offer a <$10 rub & tug special

    A Midtown Buff if you will

  • you’re crazy! taco bell sucks and i recently went to the green room cafe and the food was great and really fresh. also from what i know everything is organic and healthy, which is great if you’re watching your diet. and no its not from Singapore!!!!!

  • I work in the city and got luch from Green Room.
    1) nothing and noone looks oriental to me.
    2) food are healty,tasty and certified organic
    I wish there would be more places in NYC that would provide this kind of food and then maybe obisity will not be #1 cause of dealth.

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