Recharge To Replace Good Portions

It appears as if the now closed Good Portions(on Lex. btw. 39+40th) is going to be replaced by an equally wretched place called “Recharge”. I don’t know about you, but I’d take mediocre Asian food, over THE BEST, most delicious “health” food any day of the week. I’ve got nothing against healthy food itself… but I do have something against a lunch menu where 3 of the 6 sections contain the words “Low Carb”. Didn’t the Atkins thing die along with the man?

There was one menu section I did find a little funny… it’s after the jump. 


“The Cheat Day Menu”! I love it. Unfortunately, like a vegetarian who doesn’t want their veggie burger cooked on a griddle encrusted with beef fat, I don’t like any of my fatty foods prepared on a surface that may have come in contact with something that is actually good for you… like “low carb pizza” (wha???)

Alright… I kid Recharge. I kid. Maybe their food is good… and I should probably give them a chance before bashing them outright. The original location is on the Upper East Side. Anybody ever been? Feel free to post in the comments. They hope to be open in the next few weeks.

Recharge, 347 Lexington Ave. (btw. 39+40th) 212-682-7900


  • Tater Tots!!! joy joy joy

  • if it makes you ill, will they rename it “Discharge” ?

  • A vegetarian who doesn’t want their meat cooked on a griddle encrusted with beef fat? Wouldn’t a vegetarian…not want meat in general, regardless of where it’s cooked? :)

  • Mamacita! I could not write “Yay tater tots!” fast enough!

  • @bunny – Sorry, I meant “veggie burger”! I fixed it…

  • Just busting your chops, my friend.

  • I had a friend in College that would go to the dinning hall breakfast buffet and get a big bowl of tater tots, then go over to the salad bar and top it with cheese, salsa, guac, and stir it all up into a filthy delicious mess!

  • L-A-M-E! Screw “Recharge” and their “cheat day!” I’m sick of this healthy food and fitness fad! Let’s get back to the 1800s, where a man’s wealth was judged according to his gut! I tried Pump once and threw the food at the window of the store I bought it from. Ok, not really, but their food is nauseating and that would be a fitting punishment.

  • @ mamacita: Holy crap. That’s taking disco fries to the sublime!

  • Health food freaks take a dump then prod the ‘issue’ with a stick to count the bits of corn.

  • No, “atkins” didn’t die along with the man. Diabetics worry about their carb intake too. Also “south beach” is still pretty popular as a diet. Both are pretty effective (and safe when done properly).

  • Goats: Are you my long-lost brother? Thank god there are still people who like to eat real FOOD (preferably fried), like you, me ‘n’ Zach. (And many others here too, I know.) I have to laugh at people who think of good, greasy food as only being OK on a ‘cheat day’! Sign me up for an order of that tots mashup, stat.

  • Try the hungry bitch diet: Eat anything you want, in sensable proportions, and wash it all back with as many gin based beverages as you like. I like gin and fresca. Within months you’ll have the physique of a meth addict.

  • wait, wtf is a low fat pumpkin pie and a low fat protein brownie? what’s the point?

  • It’s not real health food

    It’s not real real food

    Recharge will henceforth be known as Regurgitate

  • HB–have you tried Hendricks gin? Here, I’ll pour….

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