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Patiala’s Boxes are a Great Value, but Lack Heat

When we checked out just-near-Penn-Station-newcomer Patiala, their chow off of the menu was something else entirely. They brought Little India-style fare and then some to this part of town, always seeking something better than awful generic delis and chain crap. Now that they’ve stabilized and have been heavily promoting quick-serve takeout from the steam tables, what better reason (other than the recent crowning of an Indian-American Miss America and the admirable reaction thereof) to give it a shot and see if their in-and-out is as good as the a la carte?
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Patiala Indian is Taking Over the Old Tawa Tandoor Space

After the old Tawa Tandoor space had been vacant for upwards of almost a year, 9th and 34th is getting Indian chow once more. Patiala has sprung up seemingly out of nowhere to reclaim the space. With Cuisine of Pakistan just a few blocks away and under the radar, this means there’s a good set of South Asian options for us Midtown Southwest/Hell’s Kitchen types (all we need is decent Bengali food and a return of the Sri Lankan at Cafe Niagara!) The gentleman in the sea-foam green shirt said they plan to open next week – we’ll be checking them out for ML-compatible pricing and options. Get your Bollywood dancing shoes on and stay tuned!