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Patiala’s Boxes are a Great Value, but Lack Heat

When we checked out just-near-Penn-Station-newcomer Patiala, their chow off of the menu was something else entirely. They brought Little India-style fare and then some to this part of town, always seeking something better than awful generic delis and chain crap. Now that they’ve stabilized and have been heavily promoting quick-serve takeout from the steam tables, what better reason (other than the recent crowning of an Indian-American Miss America and the admirable reaction thereof) to give it a shot and see if their in-and-out is as good as the a la carte?
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Patiala Brings the Indian Burn to 34th

34th isn’t so bad, food-wise. We’ve got the Nameless Empanada Cart and horrible, horrible soup, as well as kickin’ awesome pork buns and noodle soup, but it’s hard to find good stuff around here that isn’t tourist-infested or over the ML price limit. When Patiala started building into the old Tawa Tandoor space, my hopes were raised. This part of town may not be Curry Row but we’d sure as hell like our fair share of decent Indian. It may not be a flashy start-of-Spring opener from a big name, but damn, we lucked out with Patiala.
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