Could ‘Cuisine of Pakistan’ Have Been the Inspiration for Babu’s Restaurant on Seinfeld?


It’s just out of bounds for Midtown Lunch’ing purposes, but every time I walk by this place on 9th Ave. btw. 36+37th I always think of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry convinces Babu to turn his cafe into a Pakistani restaurant (it ends up failing).  The Soup Nazi was originally in Hell’s Kitchen, less than 20 blocks north, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that this is the place that inspired Seinfeld and Larry David as well!  Some more corroborating evidence: Cuisine of Pakistan has been opened for over 20 years, and before it was Pakistani food, it was a deli called Saul’s.  The episode, titled “The Cafe“, aired in 1991.

I don’t know if it’s worth venturing all the way out to 9th Ave. from Midtown for this place, but from the sounds of this write up on Umamimart maybe it is.  Plus they have kati rolls (although doesn’t everybody these days?)

Check out their kati roll “glamour shot” after the jump… 


(Sorry about the glare, but you get the point.)

Cuisine of Pakistan, 478 9th Ave. (btw. 36+37th), 212-736-7745



  • If it is out-of-bounds, why even discuss it? This site seems to make exceptions when it wants. If you aren’t going to stick to the self-imposed boundaries, then you should tackle all that is on 9th ave between 42nd and 56th.

  • Places are running out… you should expand.

  • I think a little here-and-there out of bounds action is cool when it’s really worth it. Lets us know of something exceptional enough for you in one way or another that it merits your attention/mention.

    Go fat guy! <3

  • This isn’t really worth it.

  • This is still considered midtown people.

    Anywhere neat 57-58 is considered out of bounds.

  • There’s a western, eastern, and southern border too, genius.

  • Calling…………….. best part of you dribbled down ya mommas leg.

  • The site says ‘MIDTOWN Lunch’ which includes ALL of midtown. 36 and 37th on 9th is still considered MIDTOWN. It fulfills the requirements of being located in midtown Manhattan.

    ‘Calling You Out’ still needs to learn a little more about the city before they can start complaining about something being ‘out of bounds.’

  • I used to eat lunch at this place a lot, the foods really good if you’re into Pakistani food. Just don’t go during prayer times cause half the neighbor shows up to cram in their, get on their knees, and pray.

  • Calling You Out . . . . go grab a sports drink and chill
    Anon (6:22) . . . . pay attention to what you are commenting on. the boundaries are Zach’s invention, so Calling You Out was just calling him out on the violations of Zach’s own rule.

  • I’ve been here a few times – the food is fine, even good for the price. I love the bread!

    I have no issues with out of bounds listings, as I’m sure it is always good for someone who reads. Not everyone lives within midtown lunch territory.


  • Anon said: “The site says ‘MIDTOWN Lunch’ which includes ALL of midtown.”

    Zach set the boundaries, not me. Familiarize yourself with the website’s boundaries before asking me to learn more about the city.

  • Larry David lived at Manhattan Plaza on 43rd and 9th, so not surprising.

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