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Our Heros Truck Is Off the Road Temporarily: Andrea over at Downtown Lunch is reporting that Our Heros Truck is off the road, letting fans know by tweet last night. Details as to why are scarce at this point, but those who enjoyed their sliders and huge sandwiches, like Brian did back in June are sure to mourn the news. No word yet as to the fate of their slider cart. UPDATE: The cart is actually still on the street, and the truck will be back once they find a replacement manager.

Our Heros Save the Day With Great Sandwiches

You may have noticed a patriotic-looking truck parked around 51st and Park on certain days of the week lately. This is the Our Heros (I guess the sandwiches are spelled without an “e”) truck which just started alternating between Midtown and the Financial District. They’ve been building up quite a following downtown and they even launched a sliders cart this week.

I got to try their meatball slider a while back, which was mighty tasty and filling for a $2 slider. But it wasn’t until I found them on Park and 51st that I sampled a few more of their menu items.

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