First Look: Our Heros’ Star Spangled Slider Cart


Just in case you managed to walk by the corner of Hanover Sq. & Pearl St. yesterday and missed this new attention-grabbing cart, it’s an offshoot of the Our Heros truck and it serves nothing but sliders. You have four choices of what’s put between wee buns, all of them involving meat or seafood. I stopped by yesterday (as did Midtown contributor Brian who sent along pictures) and sampled two of the sandwiches. Find out my thoughts on them and take a look at the menu after the jump.

our heros sliders menu

At least a couple of the items are similar to/exactly the same as things you can find at the truck that parks a few days a week at Wall & Water. I’ve sampled the meatball hero, and can tell you that it’s probably just as good in $2 slider form. They also have crab cakes and the pulled pork on the truck on occasion.

Since I had another lunch on the horizon (that’s right, sliders were just the first course of my lunch yesterday), I only tried two: The crab cake slider with red pepper remoulade ($3) and a BBQ pulled pork ($2). The crab cake was my favorite of the two with a little kick from the remoulade helping out. The BBQ sauce on the pork was a little too much on the sweet side for my liking, but if that’s your thing it’s not a bad deal for $2. All of the sliders come on plan white slider buns – no brioche here!

If you’re not that hungry and want a cheap lunch, this slider cart’s for you. Otherwise, you might want to walk a couple of extra blocks to the truck for a hero.

Our Heros Slider Cart, find the location on Twitter


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