Our Heros’ Meatball Sandwich Had Me At Sunday Gravy

I’m not really sure why I’m on such a sandwich kick this week, but bear with me! It seems like many of the new trucks and shops opening downtown seem to involve meats (or cheese) crammed between two pieces of bread. The Our Heros truck materialized on Wall St. in late December selling Italian-American sandwiches, salads and soup. It doesn’t sound too exciting on paper, but an endorsement from Midtown contributor Brian piqued my interest and when I heard the distinctly New York accent coming from the guy working at the truck I felt safe in my lunch choice.

All of the hero sandwiches are $7 and although I didn’t notice this until after placing my order, you can add fresh mozzarella for 75 cents. It was freezing cold outside the day that I ate at the truck and for some reason that meant I must have the hero involving pork, veal and beef meatballs in Sunday gravy.

It’s a simple sandwich with four or five meatballs in a hero roll that was nicely toasted on the inside and a modest amount of Sunday gravy to moisten everything. It probably could have used a little more sauce, or some of that fresh mozz to make things more interesting, but regardless I devoured the whole sandwich even though I intended to eat half of it. If you want some meatballs but don’t want to commit to a whole sandwich, you can also get a slider for $2.

If you ask me, this truck debuted at just the right time – when you’re not worried about fitting into a swimsuit and just want some comfort food when it’s 10 degrees outside.

Our Heros Truck, daily at Wall & Water streets, (347) 205-7300, on Twitter



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