Our Heros Save the Day With Great Sandwiches

You may have noticed a patriotic-looking truck parked around 51st and Park on certain days of the week lately. This is the Our Heros (I guess the sandwiches are spelled without an “e”) truck which just started alternating between Midtown and the Financial District. They’ve been building up quite a following downtown and they even launched a sliders cart this week.

I got to try their meatball slider a while back, which was mighty tasty and filling for a $2 slider. But it wasn’t until I found them on Park and 51st that I sampled a few more of their menu items.

The line was not nearly as daunting as Phil’s Steaks, which was parked next door. Once I figured out you have to mark off your order on a mini-clipboard, I was pleased at how easy and fast the ordering process was. They offer daily specials, in addition to their regular list of cold and hot Italian heroes and salads. The meatball slider is always available, but they were also offering a crab cake slider for $3. Yes please!

I was so impressed at the size of the $3 slider. I mean, most of the tiny single tacos from trucks cost this amount. And here was a perfectly browned crab cake sitting on a fluffy slider bun. This was the real deal. The crab cake actually tasted like crab meat with just enough breading to keep the patty together and give it a nice crispy exterior. The creamy remoulade sauce had some kick with spicy and smoky notes that lingered. Seriously, two or three of these and I’d have been good to go.

But I also wanted to try one of their more classic Italian subs. I picked the “Rare” Roast Beef, which was a good-sized hoagie stuffed to the brim with beef and cheese. There was no way I’d be hungry after devouring this beast. The roast beef was good quality, but I thought it could use a little more seasoning.

I also found the long logs of cheddar strange, but flavorwise it worked well and they certainly didn’t skimp on the amount of cheese. The rest of the ingredients were fresh (beautiful red tomatoes, crisp onions, and a homemade creamy horseradish sauce) and made this an affordable, filling, and delicious lunch. What more could we want from a Midtown Lunch?

Our Heros is definitely flying under the radar, but based on the hearty meals I’ve had, this is a truck to watch. And their Slider Cart might be moving around the city soon – they’re offering meatball, crab cake, pulled pork, and buffalo chicken sliders in the $2-$3 range – so follow them on Twitter or check the ML Twitter Tracker to stay up to date. The truck will hopefully be parked on 51st and Park again today.


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