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Luckyim Thai Could Be So Much More

About a month ago, I posted about the Luckyim Thai truck finally making its way to Midtown. I besought the readers of ML if they’d tried it, to please let us know what they thought – and at first, no one would admit to it. But slowly, comments began to trickle in admitting that there were always lines, but people had eaten there… and had mixed feelings. Find out after the jump if I ever did go over there and check it out…

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More ML Prayers Answered? Luckyim Thai, The Thai Food Truck

For as long as I have been reading Midtown Lunch, people have clamored for a truck that serves reasonably priced Thai food. I’ve known people who toyed with the idea of actually starting their own truck just to satisfy such a need, but it never came to fruition. Then, a few years ago, Luckyim Thai Cart came on the scene… downtown. Would Midtown Lunch ever have their Thai craving satisfied? Find out, after the jump…

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