More ML Prayers Answered? Luckyim Thai, The Thai Food Truck

For as long as I have been reading Midtown Lunch, people have clamored for a truck that serves reasonably priced Thai food. I’ve known people who toyed with the idea of actually starting their own truck just to satisfy such a need, but it never came to fruition. Then, a few years ago, Luckyim Thai Cart came on the scene… downtown. Would Midtown Lunch ever have their Thai craving satisfied? Find out, after the jump…

A reader alerted me that the Luckyim Thai truck was parked on – where else? – the southwest corner of 52nd and 6th Avenue. I’d already eaten lunch so I just walked over to take pics of the menu, and it looks promising – very, very promising. There was a sizable crowd waiting for food, so hopefully one of y’all can tell us in comments if you’ve tried it, what you had, and what you thought.

Unfortunately, they seem pretty terrible at updating their Twitter, and I haven’t seen them again. A friend told me he sees them regularly at 46th and 6th, and there’s always a crowd… so perhaps they’re making that their midtown location?

If you’ve seen the truck, eaten the truck, photographed the truck – let us know in comments where you saw it, what you had, and what you thought!

Luckyim Thai Truck, with their rarely updated Twitter, and their even less frequently updated Facebook



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    They have been on 47th and Park pretty consistently.

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    There was a Thai cart that used to be by Grace Plaza on 43rd every day… and then it disappeared. Did they move or are they just gone? I miss that cart!

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    In the few weeks they’ve been parking on 47th and Park, never once was there not a big crowd waiting for food. There’s always a really nice sweet basil/curry aroma around the truck, though I’ve never waited long enough to try it

  • They’re on 52/6th again today. I believe i saw them on 46/6 last wed.

  • Thanks for all the location updates/info, everyone! But no one has tried it? Not a SINGLE ML reader in the crowds around the truck? Why do I find that impossible to believe!!

    • haha…for me personally, its because I’ve been disappointed by other mobile thai food places (Tuk Tuk Boy and the other thai cart that used to be at 52/6). So, less inclined to try it. But if its around again soon, I will take one for the team!

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    Ok – tried yesterday; no pixs (:-()…

    Tried the ‘special’ which was thin chix breast, breaded, fried served on egg fried rice (with small amount of egg) and some steamed broccoli; the spec trick was a spicy thai mayo…

    Price: $8; portions – solid amt of food; chicken a little greasy; not much in way of veggies (but what the hell, they were there) and I asked for extra mayo. The mayo was generous, not spicy, sweet & a little on the salty side. Not a long line and capable response time (lunch in about 10 mins)…

    Kind of reminded me of something you’d get from a Hawaii/North Shore food truck.

    Not sure I’d order that again but may try something else…

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    I’ve tried the red curry with chicken, drunkman chicken and pad se-ew chicken. The red curry was sweeter than I’m used to and just spicy enough. The noodles they serve are delicious and although they are a little light on the protein they are very generous with the noodle portion. The drunkman chicken is very spicy but tasty and my favorite dish so far is the pad se-ew chicken, which is garlicky and a bit salty (but not spicy). Also, I asked one of the workers the schedule and she said the truck should be on 47th and Park every Monday and Thursday.

    • Solid info, thanks Elle! That sounds good for me – I usually don’t like a whole lot of meat in my noodles and just want more noodles. I will def give this a try sooner than later, if I can get over the line.

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    The truck is at 46th & 6th today, Aug 6.

    I got the red curry chicken, $8. The sauce is too sweet for my palate, but it’s also nicely spicy. Generous chicken shards, good amount of basil, and enough eggplant and red and green peppers for color and taste. And it comes with a nice big dish of rice.

    Better than I expected from a truck; if they’d cut back on the sugar, it’d be better yet.

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    I had this twice a couple weeks back when it was parked on 47th Street between Park and Lex. I’ve tried the Fried Chicken with Spicy Mayo over Fried Rice and the Drunkman Chicken. The fried chicken with spicy mayo over fried rice is not Thai, but still a fulfilling lunch for $8. The rice was a little greasy, but the fried chicken was fried to perfection and made it back to my office on 52nd and Park without getting soggy. The drunkman chicken was much better in my opinion. The broad rice noodles were full of flavor and a hefty portion even if there could have been a little more chicken. It was pretty spicy, but I love spicy food so I’m not complaining. Now I’m hungry and want to go back.

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    I just had this today. I asked for chicken pad thai without vegetables, but still got them. I can’t say that I would recommend it. There was barely any chicken inside it. The noodles were alright, but I cannot say I was left feeling satisfied. A vegetarian might get more out of this than me. One day I may try the other specials though.

    The woman manning the window was nice.

    It was on 47th and Park today.

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    Tried it once and wasn’t impressed with the food, which is a shame because there really isn’t any good Thai options in Midtown East.

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