Luckyim Thai Could Be So Much More

About a month ago, I posted about the Luckyim Thai truck finally making its way to Midtown. I besought the readers of ML if they’d tried it, to please let us know what they thought – and at first, no one would admit to it. But slowly, comments began to trickle in admitting that there were always lines, but people had eaten there… and had mixed feelings. Find out after the jump if I ever did go over there and check it out…

The menu has remained the same.

Dave ordered the fried rice basil chicken for $8, which I tried a bite and must’ve gotten a pepper because it was so spicy I started crying and making the minion-no-like face and hand motions, which of course incited much laughter from my “friend”. He said “a bit heavy on the… five spice, but lots of heat and good fried rice.”

As for me… I got the shrimp pad thai. I don’t really like shrimp but figured you’d all want to know how many shrimp you get with this order for $9 – and the answer is 6 reasonably sized shrimp that are cooked alright. They’re fully cooked, maybe almost overcooked but not quite as I didn’t find them rubbery just yet. They are not going to blow your mind with the pad thai – I found it a bit on the sweet side, and the accompanying lime didn’t yield enough acidity to balance that. It was… OK.

I really wanted to love the Thai truck, but I love the idea more – that I can get Thai food from a truck, and it’s all under $10 to boot. Unfortunately – or at least the two dishes I tried – it fell a bit flat for me. It seems like the general feelings are pretty mixed – some people complained about the lack of protein/meat in their dishes, while others lamented the overuse of sugar. Some wouldn’t go back, some wanted to go back right away. I guess try your luck and see what you get…

THE + (what people who like this will say)

  • Thai food, from a truck, for less than $10
  • Love spicy food!
  • I don’t really like that much meat, just want a little

THE – (what people who don’t like this place will say)

  • I want more meat
  • Spicy food makes my mouth angry
  • Please, update your Twitter so I know where I can FIND YOU

Luckyim Thai Truck, with their rarely updated Twitter, and their even less frequently updated Facebook


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