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Kitto’s Ramen Made Me Cry

Dear Midtown Lunch’ers, I am so, so, so sorry. From the very bottom of my cold dead heart, I apologize and beg for your forgiveness. A week ago, I wrote about Kitto Ramen having rebranded. It seemed like a ML-friendly spot, with some specials that were within the $10 limit, and some interesting items. While the menu seemed all over the map of Asia, it DID call itself an “Asian American Eatery” so I didn’t think twice about it.

Well, the day that post went live, I grabbed a friend and we went to check it out. What we ate and why I cried, after the jump…

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Kitto Ramen Quietly Rebrands

Maybe it wasn’t quietly. I don’t know. I found this soft open report here on Midtown Lunch from 2013, but as you can see by the pics, the front has shifted over a bit and now there’s Graso Grill on the left, Kitto on the right up a short flight of stairs. I walked by recently and snapped some pics of the menu – looks pretty interesting, hovering around the ML $10 mark.

Those pics, after the jump…

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Kitto Ramen Has Soft Opened on 48th

Thanks to Lunch’er Edward for checking in at the end of the week to tell us about this… a new ramen spot has opened on 48th btw. Madison and 5th. ¬†According to Ed it’s only soft opened, but they’re serving ramen, banh mi, buns and rice bowls. ¬†The menu is after the jump… early adopters, let us know what you think in the comments.

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