Kitto Ramen Quietly Rebrands

Maybe it wasn’t quietly. I don’t know. I found this soft open report here on Midtown Lunch from 2013, but as you can see by the pics, the front has shifted over a bit and now there’s Graso Grill on the left, Kitto on the right up a short flight of stairs. I walked by recently and snapped some pics of the menu – looks pretty interesting, hovering around the ML $10 mark.

Those pics, after the jump…

Looks like some fun items on various specials boards out front…

And then the full but seasonal-ish menu to one side (click twice to enlarge).

Has anyone been to this new iteration? Thoughts? What should I try?

Kitto, Asian American Eatery
16 E. 48th Street (between Madison & 5th Avenues)
(212) 759-4880

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  • Walked over with a cow-orker who wanted ramen for lunch, to go. They of course have a large dry-goods bowl and a pint of the broth, seemingly readied in advance as it took all of 20 seconds to receive my miso ramen. Large slices of fatty, delicious pork belly, loads of ramen, a little corn/bean sprout/mushroom/bitter green slivers; frankly I’d have liked more of the somewhat spicy, very peppery miso-laden broth, but it’s very good. $10.15+tax=$11.05, but it’s speedy and worth going a little outside the ML boundaries.

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