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2nd Joy Curry Open and Offering $2 Off Combo Specials

Joy Curry & Tandoor at 46th St. (btw. Lex+3rd) has received praise as a filling and affordable Indian lunch since 2007 when Zach posted a +/- review. Donny visited again earlier this year and thought it was a good deal. I was struck by the loyalty of Midtown Lunch’ers to Joy evidenced by the positive comments in both of their posts. Spotted by Lunch’ers earlier this summer, a sign popped up on 39th btw. 5+6th hinting the arrival of a Joy #2. Although it took a little longer than two weeks as they had originally suggested, Joy Curry’s new location is now open. And, there’s a bonus for early adopters — for the next two months, their combo lunch plates are $2 off.

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New Joy Curry & Tandoor Location is Two Weeks Away

You may have spotted this in the forums a few months back, but Joy Curry & Tandoor (46th btw. Lex. + 3rd) is opening a second location on 39th btw. 5+6th between Subway and La Barrique.  The location has a brand new, still partially plastic-wrapped sign with an updated look  and according to the fella I reached at the first restaurant, #2 will open in two weeks and will feature the same menu as the original. A bold move considering that Kati Roll is nearby and Curry Dream is just steps away…

Joy Curry & Tandoor, 148 E 46th St (btw 3rd and Lex), 212-490-1277

Joy Curry & Tandoor Lures Me in With Pity

Joy Curry & Tandoor Every morning on my way to work I always pass by the guy wearing a sign and handing out menus for Joy Curry and Tandoor. I rarely crave Indian food (I wonder why?) and and usually manage to ignore the dude.  But one particularly cold morning, I thought to myself “it must be a tough job standing outside passing out menus and having everyone around ignore you.”  So, feeling sorry for the guy, I figured the least I could do was check out Joy Curry and Tandoor.

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