Joy Curry & Tandoor Lures Me in With Pity

Joy Curry & Tandoor Every morning on my way to work I always pass by the guy wearing a sign and handing out menus for Joy Curry and Tandoor. I rarely crave Indian food (I wonder why?) and and usually manage to ignore the dude.  But one particularly cold morning, I thought to myself “it must be a tough job standing outside passing out menus and having everyone around ignore you.”  So, feeling sorry for the guy, I figured the least I could do was check out Joy Curry and Tandoor.

Joy Curry & Tandoor

For $7.95 I got the two veggie platter that came with rice and a piece of naan. The guy behind the counter was nice and patient (took me a while for me to decide what I wanted). Along with the rice I got chana masala (chickpeas cooked with tomatoes and coriander) and aloo gobi mutter (cauliflower and potatoes).

This whole lunch really hit the cold day spot. Both the chickpea and cauliflower were great. The flavors were spot on and the texture of the chickpeas was perfect (soft but not mushy). The piece of naan was a little stale but was great for dipping into the sauces. For $7.95 I thought it was a great deal and it doesn’t seem like it but there was a lot of food. I had major food coma afterwards.

I guess the guy walking around with the sign on him did his job that day. It got me into the restaurant and I’m thankful for that. Now I’m curious about their other offerings like that lamb curry.

Joy Curry & Tandoor, 148 E. 46th St. (btw. Lex+3rd), 212-490-1277


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    Seems like a good alternative to the mob scene at Minar. I love chickpeas and the fact that you get two carbs? Score.

  • Love this place! Used to eat here 2-3x a week when I worked on the east side. The place used to (not sure if it still does) do some crazy volume during lunch time so the food was always fresh.

  • Joy is a decent option for Indian. I like their platters more than that Grill 44 place. Good helping of food.

  • OH MY GOD! THIS PLACE IS THE BEST!! when i used to work near grand central, I used to go there ALL THE TIME. During lunch it gets PAAACKED like Chris H. said. I love their keema. Best I’ve had in the city. Makes me hungry just thinking about this place. I would much rather go here than ANY place in Curry Hill.

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