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Grill & Noodle is a Solid Addition to Midtown’s Cart Scene

A couple of weeks ago, a new cart called Grill & Noodle popped up on 50th btw. 6+7. The cart has an old school no-frills appearance and an odd Chinese/Japanese hybrid menu that ranges from lo mein to teppanyaki. That kind of identity crisis is often a bad sign. I found myself walking by the cart the other day and figured I might as well give a shot, especially when I noticed the mysterious Casanova steak.

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Asian Grill & Noodle Cart Pops Up on 50th

A new cart called “Grill & Noodle” has popped up right next to the Daisy May’s BBQ Cart on 50th and 6th Ave. According to Lunch’er “Matt Z” yesterday was their second day parking in that spot and the owner said they would try and park there again today. The menu is a Japanese/Chinese hybrid with lo mein, casanova chicken and steak (whatever the hell that is!) and teppanyaki. Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.