Asian Grill & Noodle Cart Pops Up on 50th

A new cart called “Grill & Noodle” has popped up right next to the Daisy May’s BBQ Cart on 50th and 6th Ave. According to Lunch’er “Matt Z” yesterday was their second day parking in that spot and the owner said they would try and park there again today. The menu is a Japanese/Chinese hybrid with lo mein, casanova chicken and steak (whatever the hell that is!) and teppanyaki. Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.


  • Was going to get a soup at ABP but decided to check them out instead. I got their number 8 which is teppanyaki noodles with chicken. The was a language barrier delay before the guy at the grill understood that I wanted number 8 on their menu. Then he had to check his chart to see what number 8 actually was. With the help of his assistant wearing “MilkyWay – 100% human hair” shirt they figured it out. The food was yellow noodles with peppers, red onions and sliced grilled chicken in some kind of soy based sauce and oil. The chicken was good. The noodles were average and now I remember that they were yellow, which is not what soba noodles supposed to be. The grilled veggies remained mostly uncooked. The MilkyWay guy asked if I wanted broccoli and baby carrots. Since it was free I said yes, but they turned out to be raw and did not add any flavor value to the meal.

  • Darnit, I was scooped? My guess is it was the shitty picture from my damn cameraphone :)

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      Mine are shitty pictures from my cameraphone also. I would have tried it but I didn’t notice it until after I ordered at Daisy Mays.

      Hi Nailz, I think that was you I met there yesterday.

  • Doesn’t seem like this cart was there today.

    Instead I went to Heartland Brewery. I’m 90% certain that Brownie was sitting across from me. That 10% is partially that I’ve only seen her twice, and partially that I didn’t think she’d actually set foot in a Heartland Brewery….

  • Cart was further down the block today at the entrance to the sitting garden. They had a couple of people there but the staff looked lost yet again!

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