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8th Ave. Gray’s Papaya Vows to Return: It looks like Manganaro's isn't the only sad news from Hell's Kitchen today. This morning Lunch'er Tiffany sent word that the Gray's Papaya on 8th Ave. and 37th Street has closed, and Eater has confirmed it. Thankfully "they plan to reopen soon in one of three possible new Midtown locations." We can only hope for the same from Manganaro's!

Confirmed! You Can Get a 50 Cent Hot Dog at Gray’s Papaya on 8th Ave.

It seems like we get days upon days of crappy economic news these days. I suppose this recession isn’t going anywhere fast. That’s why last week I was really excited to hear in the forums that the Gray’s Papaya on 8th ave and 37th started selling hot dogs for 50 cents. I walked by last week to check it out and had a hot dog because for 50 cents, how could I not? Hell, how could I not have two or three or four?

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Yes We Can… Get a 99 Cent Hot Dog at Gray’s Papaya

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Crif Dogs isn’t the only hot dog place celebrating Tuesday’s election results. Yesterday, the Gray’s Papaya on 8th Ave. and 37th St. started selling “Obama Dogs” for 99 Cents. I guess the President-elect is already having a positive effect on the economy- it was less than a month ago that Gray’s announced that they were raising the price of their recession special.  No word on how long the $1 hot dog deal will last, but if they keep it up for as long as people are giddy about Obama’s victory, it may be awhile.