Confirmed! You Can Get a 50 Cent Hot Dog at Gray’s Papaya on 8th Ave.

It seems like we get days upon days of crappy economic news these days. I suppose this recession isn’t going anywhere fast. That’s why last week I was really excited to hear in the forums that the Gray’s Papaya on 8th ave and 37th started selling hot dogs for 50 cents. I walked by last week to check it out and had a hot dog because for 50 cents, how could I not? Hell, how could I not have two or three or four?


It’s a great price for sure. For toppings, you can get some diced onions with some mystery red sauce, or sauerkraut or neither. The counter has self-help mustard and ketchup if you feel so inclined. The guy behind the counter wouldn’t say how long the deal would last. I feel like they’ll keep it going if customers keep coming in the door. As a comparison, the Papaya Dog (a completely different chain on 5th and 33rd) sells their hot dog for $1.50. Uh… yea, I’ll take mine at a third of the price please. The hot dogs are grilled nicely and are as close to heaven as you can get for 50 cents. It’s not gourmet but it hits the spot. I hope the recession ends sooner than later, but hopefully this deal sticks around for a while.

Gray’s Papaya, 539 8th Ave (btw 37+38th), 212-904-1588


  • Looks like they went back to the prices they had when I was growing up… oh the memories of a broke college student trying to find a cheap meal in the village on a friday night after a dozen beers… sigh…

  • Nice. Does anyone know if the other locations are following suit?

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    In related out-of-bounds news — Papaya King @ 86th & 3rd Ave just re-opened after being closed for most of the summer for a gut renovation. Went by there today for my own personal gut renovation. Ahh, can’t beat the original.

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