Yes We Can… Get a 99 Cent Hot Dog at Gray’s Papaya

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Crif Dogs isn’t the only hot dog place celebrating Tuesday’s election results. Yesterday, the Gray’s Papaya on 8th Ave. and 37th St. started selling “Obama Dogs” for 99 Cents. I guess the President-elect is already having a positive effect on the economy- it was less than a month ago that Gray’s announced that they were raising the price of their recession special.  No word on how long the $1 hot dog deal will last, but if they keep it up for as long as people are giddy about Obama’s victory, it may be awhile.


  • UNRELATED ALERT; Lady on south side of 48th b/w 5th & 6th selling food out of basket. $7 just got me a dish with rice, two pieces of sweet plantain, amazing fried fish covered in a shrimp sauce. Not cheap for an illegal plate but worth every penny. The hot sauce is homemade and very good.

  • I guess this offsets the other effect the president-elect is having on the economy – the 1000 point drop in the Dow.

  • I walked all the way across 48th at 12:00 and she was already gone. I got my fried fish fix from Kim’s instead.

  • I ate from “digger’s plate, literally, the food was amazing it was kinda like escovich fish.. omg everything was sooo fresh and I don’t like sweet plaintains BUT these were fresh and soft and so sweet… Digger has been gone from his desk for 15 minutes… if he doesn’t come back soon…

  • You people are amazing. To clarify: I mean that in a BAD way.

    For all you know those women could be making that food in a house filled with dozens upon dozens of miniature dachshunds running unfettered through the kitchen, leaving their droppings all over the counters, urinating in the mixing bowls and nesting in the clean dish towels.

    Suddenly, the true nature of that “shrimp sauce” comes into question, does it not?

  • Does anybody know if the other Gray’s locations are selling for 99 cents too?

  • I know hot dogs, trust me.

    I cannot fathom the mealy gristle-in-a-casing that would be offered for sale in a PAPAYA restaurant.

  • I guess this offsets the other effect the president-elect is having on the economy – the 1000 point drop in the Dow.


    I know what you’re saying, because before Obama got elected there was nothing wrong with the financial markets!

  • “I know hot dogs, trust me.”

    In the carnal sense, I’m sure.

  • No, he’s into smaller furry animals, or rather, they are into him

    Right Twitchy?

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