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Last Days of Gourmet Included Lazzara’s

Gourmet’s Associate Art Director Kevin Demaria photographed the final days of Gourmet Magazine and has posted them to a website. It’s a sad but touching tribute to a place that meant a great deal to many people (some of them Midtown Lunch’ers), but I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the Lazzara’s pizza boxes.  A worthy last supper indeed. [via Eat Me Daily]

How Will Gourmet’s Closing Affect the Trini Paki Boys Cart?


I don’t know if the closing of Gourmet Magazine will have the same effect on the surrounding street lunch spots as the closing of Lehman Brothers did just over a year ago. But one cart that might notice is the Trini Paki Boys on 43rd and 6th, the go to chicken and rice spot for much of the Gourmet staff. In fact, both Editor in Chief Ruth Reichl, and Exec. Editor Doc Willoughby mentioned the cart in their respective profiles.

It was business as usual at the cart yesterday, where they actually added a brand new item to their already packed menu:  “Soya Chunks”, a tofu like substance that they’ve stewed in a really flavorful curry sauce. A lot of the smaller items available at the Trini Paki cart are vegetarian, but if you don’t eat meat and have always wanted to try their chicken over rice, this is the closest you’re going to get.

The Hidden Delicious Mysteries of the Trini-Paki Boys Cart
Midtown Already Feeling Lehman Withdrawl

Thinking of You

Our thoughts go out to all the Midtown Lunch’ers who work at Gourmet Magazine (on 43rd and 7th.) It was announced this morning that Conde Nast would be shutting down the 68 year old food magazine, and according to Fork in the Road everybody has been given just 48 hours to clean out their desks! It’s a sad sad day. (Read more reaction to the news here and here.)