Midtown Already Feeling Lehman Withdrawl

Crains is reporting that sales are down at a number of Midtown businesses that depend on Lehman Brothers employees. ”Business at the Majestic Delicatessen was down 50% Monday, according to [the] owner of the breakfast and lunch spot located… at 7th Avenue and 50th Street.” Also mentioned in the article as being affected: Ben Benson’s (on 52nd & 7th) and countless tailors in the area, who have already seen drops in the number of suits being ordered. In contrast, according two sources, popular bars in the area (like TGI Fridays and Emmett O’Lunney’s) have been full. However, one Midtown Lunch doesn’t seem to be affected- this from a commenter yesterday: “Line out the door at Sapporo at 1:15 today — I kind of thought the Lehman people wouldn’t be around so maybe it would be less crowded… no such luck.”

Photo courtesy of Mushy’s Captures


  • Looks like Barclays might keep Lehman (at least parts of it) on life support.

  • Wow – such awesome suggestions for those dining in midtown!!! Oh yeah, this blog is over.

  • jen sucks.

  • Gin&Tonic….looks like they will…but it’ll be cherry picking.

    And jen, take your head outa your arse.

  • G&T, thanks for the positive thoughts….there are a lot of Lehmanites that read Midtown Lunch!

  • You know, us finance nerds have to stick together. I think I’m the only one here who reads ML, judging from the amount of Mangia, H&H, Dishes, and Cafe Duke bags I see on my floot.

    It looks like you might have to replace your lobster rolls with fish & chips soon.

  • Well, I’m not in finance, but I sympathize…. I need a new job, like, Now!

    Anyone need a freelance strip-club reviewer?

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