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Our thoughts go out to all the Midtown Lunch’ers who work at Gourmet Magazine (on 43rd and 7th.) It was announced this morning that Conde Nast would be shutting down the 68 year old food magazine, and according to Fork in the Road everybody has been given just 48 hours to clean out their desks! It’s a sad sad day. (Read more reaction to the news here and here.)


  • yeah, I saw the news. Though i subscribe to Bon Appetite magazine, it’s sad to see a good food magazine go. life goes on and there is always internet for free recipes.

  • That really bites

  • This is tough news to swallow

  • It’s just another fork in the road. Lotta hot chicks out of work. Where’s my Letterman halloween costume?

  • This news is too much to digest.

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    48 hours to clean out is quite generous.
    still sucks, big time.
    here’s hoping they cleaned out their liquor stash.
    sometimes I feel it’s better getting fired than to leave an office with security watching pack your stuff and accompanying you out. still sucks any way you look at it.

  • When will the NYC Yuppies learn that the days of Wine and Roses are over. Is anyone out there facing the reality of the dismal financial situation facing NYC?

    Might as well button up, folks and forget about those $100.00 chicken dinners (oh yeah, Harris Teeter ran USDA ‘Grade A’ chicken on sale this week for 57 cents per pound) — LOL.

    Yep, times, they are a changin’. And I fear that the ‘Gen X’ and ‘Gen Y’ generation(s) are in for some serious attitude re-adjustmets.

    Kinda’ like Ruthie Reichl over at the ‘baubles and beads’ compendium, Gourmet Magazine.

  • i guess Conde just couldn’t ::giggle:: stomach the hemorrhaging?

  • DocChuck, you sure you can afford 57 cents a pound after your lifemate Hogzilla blew your monthly welfare check on scratchoff lottery tickets and a bottle of thunderbird?

  • This is sad news indeed.

    And DocChuck, you comment as if Gourmet ONLY had NYC readers.

  • @ncsuemme:

    No, I read Gourmet, and I am most certainly do not live in NYC (although I dearly LOVE NYC folks, you understand).

    However, Gourmet magazine (and its unfortunate choice of editor, Ruthie) seemed to be slanted more towards the NYC ‘yuppie wannabes’, than say, the gourmet beef eaters down in Texas, or us gourmet crab aficionados here in Maryland, or the roadkill lovers down in Arkansas.

    And, I think that Ruthie’s (with her frequent bad-hair days) infatuation with NYC folks’ false belief in their perceived money management abilities (a la Bernie) and their false belief that NYC is the center of the universe . . . well, you see what happened here.

  • why is the first link going to the schnitzel truck? . . .

  • @deanlo – that’s weird. just fixed it.

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