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Sad News in K-Town as Gahm Mi Oak Shutters: Bad news for old school Koreatown fans... Eater has reported that Korea-town favorite Gahm Mi Oak has closed for good. It's a real shame, considering the restaurant has been open for 25 years, and this would be the perfect time of year to indulge in their Sul Long Tang (milky ox-bone soup).

Gahm Mi Oak is Back in Action

I walked by Gahm Mi Oak (on 32nd btw. 5th+B’way) yesterday, and noticed that their doors are open and customers were in the dining room. It appears that they’re once again in the good graces of the DOH (after an unpleasant visit last month). Perfect timing, as this fall weather is perfect for Sul Long Tang.

With Winter Approaching Gahm Mi Oak is a Great Splurge Lunch

With baby and the wife in tow (she got the day off today!), I headed down to Koreatown for a leisurely today.  Normally I am a $10 and under kind of a guy, but I think if you have to work on a holiday you should be allowed a little bit of a splurge.  So, with that new rule guiding me I decided to hit up Gahm Mi Oak- one of the nicer (and more unique) Korean food options on 32nd btw. B’way+5th Ave.  The menu is pretty small, and almost everything on it is over $10, but if you’re looking for something completely offal- this is your place.  Gelatin of cow knee? A soup made with ox bones?  Raw oysters and pork belly?  It all sounded great to me… but I was there for one thing and one thing only.  Soon dae! (Korean blood sausage.)  Ever since I had Woorijip’s version, I’ve been craving a solid hot version from a restaurant- and all the Midtown Lunch commenters seem to agree, Gahm Mi Oak’s is the best in K-Town.

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