Woorijip Now Selling Korean Blood Sausage


I don’t usually eat lunch in Midtown on the weekends (why would you!?!), but occasionally it will happen.  Like on Saturday when I found myself in Koreatown buying ingredients to make homemade kimchi.  I stopped in to pick up a little lunch at Woorijip (on 32nd btw. B’way+5th) and noticed something I had never seen before: korean blood sausage (or soondae.)  Nice.  It was in the refrigerated section in the back, so it wasn’t as good as it would have been had it been warm (I don’t like microwaving things) but the flavor was still good.  Made with cellophane noodles, the blood flavor was actually pretty mild (overwhelmed a bit by the intense garlic flavor.)  I’m guessing there are much better versions of this to be had on 32nd street, but all in all it was a fun treat, and not nearly as offal tasting as you would expect.

Woorijip Gets a Makeover, Still the Best Cheap Korean on 32nd


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    They’ve actually been selling it there for a while, but I think it’s an inconsistent menu item…

  • I stopped by there last week to pick up something for dinner and saw it too. The sausage itself was pretty flavorless. I guess thats what the tiny container of salt is for. Be careful though, it is strong salt. My serving also came with 2 slices of what looked like foie gras. It had the same consistency, but 1 piece was enough for me.

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    Woorijip is a longtime favorite for cheap good korean food. Soondae is good snack food, including with beer or soju, but definitely better eaten warm and fresh. When i stopped by last week, they also had a new $3 bulgogi and kimchi wrap. Good meaty flavor with crunch, spice and acidity from the kimchi, though the wheat(?) wrap was a little weird for me at first and reminiscent of the now popular kathi rolls (but more healthy and economical). Smart move on Woorijip’s part.

  • Gahm mi ok restaurant on 32nd street has best tasting blood sausage in Koreatown.
    @Steve, that was pork liver.

  • @mkim1206 – going to have to try that…(kind of bummed I didn’t get any pork liver)

  • Here’s a tip for warming up the blood sausage: cover the cold sausage with a damp napkin before microwaving. The damp napkin/paper towel kind of steams the sausage, so the rice doesn’t get hard. This also works for pork buns; keeps the skin for getting all tough.

  • i prefer the french version of the blood sausage… try it at l’express in union sq (entree version)… delicious

  • They had some at the hot bar section last week. I grabbed a slice and ate it. It wasn’t bad, mine didn’t have a strong garlic flavor so I might echo what tigerbot said about them being inconsistent. For what its worth, I would eat them again.

  • Sounds a lot like Clonakilty pudding you get on an Irish breakfast. http://www.johnsmeatco.ie/includes/sts_templates/full/images/clon1b.jpg
    Has barley in it which bind it all, amazing on toast.

  • Not enough Blood in that black pudding.

  • Thanks god football season didn’t start yet I would have been hung over and puked 1st thing this morning.

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    I second Gahm Mi Oak, and the liver is my favorite.

  • Bluch. Blucky. Sorry, but that is my opinion.

  • @zach. you continue to impress me! you make homemade kimchi?! awesome~

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