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Freshii Has Gone Stale in NYC

Eater reported on Friday that the health-focused Canadian chain Freshii closed their one NYC location. I walked by later in the day and, sure enough, the place is vacant – no salad or brown rice in sight. The lime green infrastructure remains, but the Freshii marquee is gone, as is most of the furniture inside. Their website no longer lists a New York location and a sign outside indicates that it is in fact closed but promises to return at an unnamed hour. I’d be surprised if Freshii did indeed show up again in Midtown. Aside from the opening week when they gave away quite a bit of free food, I don’t think it did too much steady business. Just below Times Square, it was probably not recognizable enough for tourists and it seemed a little too generic for us Midtown Lunchers.

Free Freshii Froyo Alert: After reading Serious Eats' review of the chain Freshii that just opened on 39th & B'way, I think we can safely file this one into the generic (albeit with a heart) lunch category.  But we'll take free froyo!  According to this post in the forums Freshii will be giving away free frozen yogurt from 3-9pm every day until October 12th (but you have to mention Vital Juice?)

Freshii Opening Today With Tons of Free Food: Freshii is now open on 39th & B'way and according to their twitter account there will be plenty of free stuff handed out today. Their "build your own" salads, burritos, wraps, rice bowls, etc doesn't really sound like our kind of thing. But if you think you might be into it, Grub Street has a preview of their menu and new space.

Two New Chains Looking to Open in Midtown

Midtown continues to be a magnet for weird new chains (i.e. Kolache Mama, Danku, & 4Food). Eater reports that “Freshii, a Toronto health chain serving salads, wraps, and burritos” and “Roll’d, a “quick service restaurant concept focused on introducing ‘kimbap’ to the United States on a grand scale,” are both looking for locations in the high density area of Midtown.  Can you guess which of the two sound more interesting to me? [Eater NY]