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DiSo’s Appears on The Great Food Truck Race

Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race is back on (Warning: spoilers ahead), airing Sunday nights and they’ve changed the concept back from having people who want to own a food truck compete to actual working food trucks compete. And one of the competing trucks this season is DiSo’s Italian Sandwich Society, who is hugely popular in the city for their excellent Italian sandwiches.

SPOILER ALERT: The last time one of Midtown’s food trucks appeared on the show, it didn’t go so well. This time, it went just slightly better. But unfortunately, DiSo’s got cut last night (on the second episode of the season) for failing to make enough money on the week’s competition. The show is mildly entertaining, but it’s always fun seeing our home food trucks play. And I think they could have gone far, but unfortunately, we’ll have to stick to seeing them on the streets of New York.

Since they talked about hoping to recoup some lost profit during this cold winter season on the show, perhaps today is the perfect time to go and support them. They’re on 47th and Park today, but check out their locations on Twitter.

DiSo’s Italian Sandwich Society Makes Some Delicious Stuff, But The Wait’s Still Long…

When DiSo’s Italian Sandwich Society‘s bright red truck started parking in Midtown in June, the lines were long and the temperatures outside were HOT. On the first day of business in Midtown, Lunch’ers were commenting that the sandwiches were delicious, but wait times were up to 45 minutes with the truck running out of bread by 1:45. Since then, we’ve gone back a couple of times for a closer look…

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At Lunch Now: Diso’s Italian Sandwich Truck Runs Out of Bread!

It looks like Diso’s Italian Sandwich Truck (which we told you about this morning) had a crazy first day in Midtown.  Luncher “ahntop” reported in the comments that his sandwich was very good, although he had to wait 45 minutes for it. I got there at 1:30pm, and waited in line for 15 minutes before they announced that they had run out of bread. This ain’t the FiDi Diso’s! Got to come ready if you’re going to do lunch in Midtown. Did get a free piece of prosciutto tho! Guess I’ll have to try again for the sandwich next time…

DiSO’s Italian Sandwich Truck Comes to Midtown

Over on the Downtown section of the site Andrea discovered this new gourmet Italian sandwich truck yesterday.  They’ve been parking in the FiDi for a week now, but it looks like today they’re venturing up to Midtown.  According to their twitter feed they’ll be on 47th & Park today.  Early adopters let us know how it is in the comments.