At Lunch Now: Diso’s Italian Sandwich Truck Runs Out of Bread!

It looks like Diso’s Italian Sandwich Truck (which we told you about this morning) had a crazy first day in Midtown. ┬áLuncher “ahntop” reported in the comments that his sandwich was very good, although he had to wait 45 minutes for it. I got there at 1:30pm, and waited in line for 15 minutes before they announced that they had run out of bread. This ain’t the FiDi Diso’s! Got to come ready if you’re going to do lunch in Midtown. Did get a free piece of prosciutto tho! Guess I’ll have to try again for the sandwich next time…


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    wow — i was there at 12:30 and the line was NOT moving. In the 15 mins we stood there, we saw the person take 2 orders. They seem to be a bit overwhelmed. This is MIDTOWN folks — gotta bring your a-game! The menu looked extensive (perhaps too extensive for a busy lunch truck!) so will be back… looked quite tasty…

  • I got it. I had the fat pete. Took about an hr. It’s good. perhaps not worth an hr wait, but its high quality italian meats and cheeses. Would get it again if there’s a shorter wait. Of course, it doesnt hold a candle to sal kris and charlies in queens, but nothi9ng does….

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