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Yushi is Now Serving “Dim Sum”


In all the years I’ve been begging for somebody to serve Dim Sum in Midtown, the last place I’d expect to step up would be Yushi! (On 47th btw. Park+Lex)  Of course my idea of dim sum is carts rolling around… for Yushi it’s just what they’re calling a new line of dumplings being sold out of steamer baskets at the front of the restaurant.  They’ve got chicken and mushroom, or pork and chive for $6.45.  Shrimp and chive for $6.95.  One order is 6 dumplings, and you get a salad on the side. Sure it’s expensive by Chinatown standards, but that’s only 50 cents to $1 more than the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck (and they charge you $3 for the salad.)

I think I might have to try these, which just proves that if you put anything in a Chinese steamer basket and call it dim sum I’m going to be interested (nevermind that this place is Japanese.)  What can I say? It’s the only fair thing to do before passing judgment, and my last couple visits to Yushi involved a soup and a couple sushi rolls that were admittedly really good.  (Oh, and in case you were wondering the “for display only” conveyor belt is still rocking it down the center of the restaurant.)

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Weekend Lunch: Dim Sum at World Tong in Brooklyn

This may surprise you, but over the weekend I don’t eat lunch in Midtown. (Why would anybody???) I do however feel the same hunger on Saturdays and Sundays that I feel during the week, and my tastes don’t change either (fat man likey good food). So, I’ve decided to share a few of my weekend lunches that would fit the very high Midtown Lunch’ing standards (namely- cheap, fresh, authentic and delicious!)

If you love Dim Sum, aka Chinese brunch where small plates of dumplings and other steamed and fried goodies are served off of carts that roll around the restaurant, it stands to reason you’ve been to the Manhattan Chinatown.  If you are serious about finding the best Dim Sum in New York, you’ve probably made the trip down the 7 to Flushing in Queens.  And for the most hardcore of fans, there is Sunset Park, the strip of 8th Ave. known to most as “Brooklyn Chinatown”. 

But as I found out this weekend, the best Dim Sum in the city may not be in any of those places.  It might just be three stops past Sunset Park on the N line, at a little place called World Tong.  Formerly home to Joe Ng, who was lured away to the very upscale Chinatown Brasserie in Manhattan, World Tong has been a favorite of hardcore Dim Sum aficionados for awhile, but the train ride (combined with the fact that Joe isn’t there anymore) has kept it mostly under the radar.  Hoping to avoid the Chinese New Year crowds, we headed out this weekend to check out what many have called the Best Dim Sum place in New York City. 

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