Yushi is Now Serving “Dim Sum”


In all the years I’ve been begging for somebody to serve Dim Sum in Midtown, the last place I’d expect to step up would be Yushi! (On 47th btw. Park+Lex)  Of course my idea of dim sum is carts rolling around… for Yushi it’s just what they’re calling a new line of dumplings being sold out of steamer baskets at the front of the restaurant.  They’ve got chicken and mushroom, or pork and chive for $6.45.  Shrimp and chive for $6.95.  One order is 6 dumplings, and you get a salad on the side. Sure it’s expensive by Chinatown standards, but that’s only 50 cents to $1 more than the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck (and they charge you $3 for the salad.)

I think I might have to try these, which just proves that if you put anything in a Chinese steamer basket and call it dim sum I’m going to be interested (nevermind that this place is Japanese.)  What can I say? It’s the only fair thing to do before passing judgment, and my last couple visits to Yushi involved a soup and a couple sushi rolls that were admittedly really good.  (Oh, and in case you were wondering the “for display only” conveyor belt is still rocking it down the center of the restaurant.)

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  • Yushi is about as japanese as Rudy McBagel in a godzilla costume

  • Yea, the exec chef and the owners aren’t Japanese. It’s like saying Ruby Foo’s and P.F. Chang’s are Chinese. :P

    Rickshaw dumplings is okay but they’re already so damn expensive. To be more expensive than them, Errrghh.

    The japanese make Gyoza which is similar to Chinese dumplings, Jiaozi.

  • @TC – yeah, I know all that… Just wanted to acknowledge in some way how funny it is that this otherwise Japanese’ish place decided to call their dumplings dim sum, which is 100% Chinese.

  • It’s about time a sushi place started serving something non-japanese. Too many asian restaurants and non-asian restaurants have been adding sushi to their menus appealing to wider ranges of customers.

  • Yushi should put some expensive organic display-only kim chi on that lame-ass conveyor-to-nowhere

    complete the fake asian food triple play

  • speaking of rickshaw dumplings they have duck dumplings with hoisin sauce today. hahaha it’s not peking duck though but Hudson Valley duck … just finished off a 6 pack, not bad! about to tuck into the $3 salad and the $4 Watermelonade…

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    Wayne, please stop dissing the conveyor belt.

    I get it, a conveyor belt should be self service, but people also like their sushi super fresh.

    So, this Spruce Goose is about to have a little make over that is absolutely revolutionary.

    Watch this space and try and be nice, or we won’t invite you to the (re) previews :)

  • Oh snap!! Luke, I’ll be nice! Just give me free sushi :-D

  • Tried to go to Yushi after work the other night and they were closed – a good 45 minutes before their advertised closing time. SO pissed!

  • Luke! My Man! After that rave I gave you on free preview day, I was pretty disappointed in the bait and switch on the belt. Well, that and the lack of free fugu.

    OK, I hear you. Midtown Lunch has roared and you will respond. You have a reprieve, the ball is in your court. Papa Perrone and Cer Te were called out and they went above and beyond to achieve Midtown Lunch sainthood, you too deserve a chance. Hostilities shall be put on hold.

    P.S. Excellent invocation of the term Spruce Goose.

    P.P.S. Say ‘hi’ to that crew of hotties you have over there. From the wayne-meister. MEEEOW.

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