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A Few Lunches Midtown Needs From Greenpoint

I know a lot of you like searching for Midtown Lunch’ish food in the outer boroughs, so here’s one for you. My good friends Taylor and (very first Profiled Midtown Lunch’er) Harry, who own the Brooklyn Kitchen (and the brand new Brooklyn Kitchen Labs/Meat Hook butcher shop) took Time Out New York on a food tour of Greenpoint over the weekend, and it all looks right up our alley. There’s Eastern European fish and chips with homemade pickled beets, hot butcher shop Kielbasa, “big Styrofoam containers” full of Polish food (naturally), and my personal favorite, a place for amazing crab rangoon (New England Chinese food represent!) Check out all their suggestions here>>

Photo courtesy of Time Out New York/Bobby LaPointe

Weekend Lunch: Dim Sum at World Tong in Brooklyn

This may surprise you, but over the weekend I don’t eat lunch in Midtown. (Why would anybody???) I do however feel the same hunger on Saturdays and Sundays that I feel during the week, and my tastes don’t change either (fat man likey good food). So, I’ve decided to share a few of my weekend lunches that would fit the very high Midtown Lunch’ing standards (namely- cheap, fresh, authentic and delicious!)

If you love Dim Sum, aka Chinese brunch where small plates of dumplings and other steamed and fried goodies are served off of carts that roll around the restaurant, it stands to reason you’ve been to the Manhattan Chinatown.  If you are serious about finding the best Dim Sum in New York, you’ve probably made the trip down the 7 to Flushing in Queens.  And for the most hardcore of fans, there is Sunset Park, the strip of 8th Ave. known to most as “Brooklyn Chinatown”. 

But as I found out this weekend, the best Dim Sum in the city may not be in any of those places.  It might just be three stops past Sunset Park on the N line, at a little place called World Tong.  Formerly home to Joe Ng, who was lured away to the very upscale Chinatown Brasserie in Manhattan, World Tong has been a favorite of hardcore Dim Sum aficionados for awhile, but the train ride (combined with the fact that Joe isn’t there anymore) has kept it mostly under the radar.  Hoping to avoid the Chinese New Year crowds, we headed out this weekend to check out what many have called the Best Dim Sum place in New York City. 

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