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Midtown David Chang Stalkers Disengage: Today is the David Chang street cart thing, and I'm hearing from a Midtown lunch'er who scored passes that (sadly) it's going to be near NYU (aka not in Midtown.)  So, if you planned on stalking David Chang during your lunch hour- don't bother.  (I'm basically talking to myself here...)

David Chang to Open Food Cart… For One Day

Eater reports that David Chang (king of the Momofuku empire) will be getting into a food cart for one day, as part of some contest sponsored by  It doesn’t look like it will be open to the public… you have to answer a bunch of questions to win a “golden ticket” that entitles you to lunch from the cart.  The contest website is closed right now, but will reopen this morning at 11a.m. EST.  They haven’t announced where the cart will be parked yet, but all I have to say is this shit better be happening in Midtown.

The Perfect Space For the Next Momofuku is in Midtown