David Chang to Open Food Cart… For One Day

Eater reports that David Chang (king of the Momofuku empire) will be getting into a food cart for one day, as part of some contest sponsored by NYCNewYork.com.  It doesn’t look like it will be open to the public… you have to answer a bunch of questions to win a “golden ticket” that entitles you to lunch from the cart.  The contest website is closed right now, but will reopen this morning at 11a.m. EST.  They haven’t announced where the cart will be parked yet, but all I have to say is this shit better be happening in Midtown.

The Perfect Space For the Next Momofuku is in Midtown


  • Page seems to have disappeared in the last 10 minutes, maybe the contest is over? …

  • Seems to be working now

  • After you pass the test the screen says you will receive an e-mail shortly.
    Did anyone get the e-mail yet?

  • Yeah. It worked for me right after 11. They must have been switching out the pages.

    I did not receive the email… I guess that means we didn’t make it?

  • I guess we didn’t make it. I aced the test about 45 minutes ago and no e-mail.

  • The “Rules and Regulations” say that the notifications will happen within 24 hours….so i wouldnt give up hope until tomorrow’s contest opens.

  • One day cart?
    Pass an obnoxious food quiz?
    Golden ticket?
    Not open to the public?

    That’s so… 2007

  • Zach – es possible to get an update on what’s going on with this shindig?

  • Was there just one 4-part question?

  • It says only the first 5 to pass the test. And in these situations I always assume the first 5 will be friends that got an early tip on the event.

  • I got the “Access Granted” email at about 6:30PM.

  • Congratulations. You have passed the test. You and a guest have been added to the list to our Exclusive lunch prepared by Chef David Chang of Momofuku.
    Use your codeword at the location to gain entry.
    Date: Friday, April 24, 2009
    Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    You will receive another email notification from NBCNEWYORK.COM revealing the secret location on the day of the event. Do not share it with anyone.
    Please click here to RSVP. All guests must be 18+ to attend.

  • Oh man! I got the “access denied” email – I didn’t take it till about noon. The email I got just now said I wasn’t one of the first 5. (even though i know i got them all right). will have to try earlier tomorrow….

  • David Chang is good and all… but Momofuku is overrated..

  • I also wasn’t one of the first 5 and received the Access Denied e-mail. But it said the contest will reopen at 11am today.

  • Denied… Report back Mike.

  • Will do. I’m hoping there’s going to be some organization trying to feed 180 people from a cart. We’ll see….

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