Midtown David Chang Stalkers Disengage

Today is the David Chang street cart thing, and I’m hearing from a Midtown lunch’er who scored passes that (sadly) it’s going to be near NYU (aka not in Midtown.)  So, if you planned on stalking David Chang during your lunch hour- don’t bother.  (I’m basically talking to myself here…)


  • Anyone know the exact location? I received the Access Granted e-mail and rsvp’ed, but still have yet to receive the location e-mail.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • if i told you, david chang would have to cook you

  • now i can tell you — 318 lafayette street (near houston)

  • Wined & Dined – did you get the Chef Special, aka LOBSTER?!??!?!!? :O Awesome!!!

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