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Your First Look At 5 Boro Burger’s Burger

5 Boro Burger
Herald Square’s 5 Boro Burger (36th+6th) quietly entered the burger fray last week with a menu of burgers averaging around the Midtown Lunch $10 limit. I stopped by to get a closer look at the menu, hoping that something substantial would clock in under $10. And I ran into a classic problem of waiter service. It’s hard to do $10 when you have servers!

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5 Boro Burger Is Now Open

A year after Clay first noticed the sign for a new burger shop on 36th Street and Sixth Avenue, 5 Boro Burger is finally open. It’s a bar/burger joint with a similar red logo to the other five burger companies (Napkin and Guys). I stopped by to check out the scene and it was a bit harried on Friday. There weren’t even enough menus to go around (the restaurant was half full). When I did get my hands on one, I discovered the burgers themselves range from $8-$11. And if you want to get one of the five specialty burgers named after each borough (with toppings that have a vague resemblance to the actual borough), it’ll run you about $15. They also have hot dogs, sandwiches, and bar snacks. I had already eaten, so didn’t get to actually try the food. Has anybody else ventured in yet? Early adopters, let us know in the comments.