Your First Look At 5 Boro Burger’s Burger

5 Boro Burger
Herald Square’s 5 Boro Burger (36th+6th) quietly entered the burger fray last week with a menu of burgers averaging around the Midtown Lunch $10 limit. I stopped by to get a closer look at the menu, hoping that something substantial would clock in under $10. And I ran into a classic problem of waiter service. It’s hard to do $10 when you have servers!

5 Boro Hamburger
The regular hamburger is listed as $10 on the menu, but I opted for it without fries or onion rings and it came in at $8 with my change going to the waitress. The burger does have a nice char making for a flavorful crunch. Unfortunately, that’s where most of the flavor came from. It’s evident that these aren’t hand-formed patties from good quality meat; it reminded me of conventional frozen patty meat. There’s a bit of juice, but not much — not enough to compare the bun to a sponge. In the end, I didn’t find my burger, which was admittedly rushed, particularly noteworthy. As Brian said on Monday, the burger combos are all over $14, but there are a few meals at $10. This might be useful for those in the area looking to get a pick-up lunch, but I fear this is a place meant for the tourists.

5 Boro Burger, SW corner of 36th Street and 6th Avenue, no phone


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    Looks like a flop to me. Shall we set the over/under at 6 months?

  • Well, I heard a rumor it’s owned by the same people as the not so great Jimmy’s Diner less than half a block away, looking at the burger pic, looks like the same food to me.

  • blondie=win, brianhoffman=lose.

    Thanks for the review/warning! I’ll pass on this one.

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    I had lunch at 5 boro burger on 36th and 6th. It was my second trip there. I got a Bronx burger with onion rings. Both were excellent. The burger was char broiled and had a Mexican flair with guacamole and mozzarella cheese. Nice tap beer. I’ll go back next time I am going to Penn Station.

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