Here’s Where We’re Getting our Free Donut Today

Dough Doughnuts at CultureI don’t condone making sweets your entire lunch, but don’t waste free food opportunities! Today is National Donut Day, which means you can score a free Krispy Kreme flavor of your choice. Unfortunately, at Dunkin’ you have to first pay for a drink, before receiving a free donut (though if you already run on Dunkin’ coffee, this one’s a no brainer.)
If you’re more for “artisanal” New York-based donuts, head to Dough inside the newish City Kitchen. Dough blows the competition away with amazingly airy texture and unique flavors, including a new matcha flavor launching today. Sorry, it’s not free, but if you buy 6, you’re entered to win a year’s supply of donuts. Now THAT wouldn’t be diabetes-inducing at all. Hope you get your donut fix today!

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